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About Dr. Roshawnna Novellus

My goal is to help you discover the true meaning of an abundant business.

I'm Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, a proven and award-winning innovator who thrives at the intersection of technology and marketing. As an advocate of economic power, I'm dedicated to helping people live in abundance by growing their businesses.

As your business growth team member, I’m excited to help you reach your goals.


~ Roshawnna

Case Study: EnrichHER

I served as the in-house CMO for EnrichHER for five years. During this time, the marketing strategies I orchestrated led to the company attracting over 100,000 followers and subscribers in our target market on community platforms (Clubhouse, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Mailchimp), far exceeding the digital reach of our competitors. Leveraging my tech background, I designed a cross-platform digital automation system that leveraged texts, emails, newsletters, and analytic dashboards to monitor our ROI goals and objectives. Based on this optimization strategy, our paid product funnel yielded an 80% conversion rate, generating over $100 Million annual product demand.

Dr. Novellus at a glance

  • Award winning innovator.
  • One of few Black women to raise over $1M in venture capital.
  • Holds a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering with a Minor in Finance, a Master of Science in Information Technology emphasizing Information System Engineering, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management Economics, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering – achieving Summa Cum Laude in each.
  • Among the 2021 class of The Root 100, a distinction honoring the most influential African Americans ages 25-45.
  • A 2022 Roddenberry Fellow, an award that recognizes extraordinary leaders and advocates who use new and innovative strategies to safeguard human rights and ensure an equal and just society for all.
  • Featured in three national ad campaigns in 2021 for leadership and innovation in business (Logitech, Mastercard and Hennessy). These campaigns (one of which - Logitech - aired during the Super Bowl) exposed EnrichHER to over 40 million people.
  • Raised $600,000 in scholarship funds as a high school teen.

About Dr. Njai

Whether you're climbing to your goals or walking down the hill toward your success, let’s go farther together. 

Your legendary life awaits you and I will share proven ways to meet you where you are to amplify your results. I have over 20 years of experience in applying science to achieve personal and professional results while helping other people and organizations do the same. Work with me to master a mindset for wellness and maintain a wealthy healthful lifestyle today!


~ Rashid

Case Study: Anything is Possible Foundation

For the past five years, I served as the chief data officer and strategic advisor for the Anything is Possible Foundation. In that time, I have helped them establish metrics for their theory of change in mentoring youth and working with homeless and distressed youth and families to achieve remarkably more successful outcomes. The outcomes I helped them strategically model, define, and achieve are measurable and comparable to gains seen via systems-driven mental health and educational interventions. Being a part of their team from early on allowed us to take their mission of having youth discover that anything is possible for themselves and their life and that they make a difference in the world to a measured reality where the youth get to choose and create how their future goes! I am proud to say that they recently opened up a residential home to support recently incarcerated youth in re-entering society with success and velocity. I am also working with them to develop an AIPF mentor-to-mentee IT ecosystem designed to support youth development and resilience. I continue to serve as a board member and am proud to be a part of their amplified positive energy and future for the world. The change I have contributed to has been gratifying and inspiring to see the impact they are having on youth, families, and communities!

Dr. Njai at a glance

  • Sought-After Lifestyle Coach, empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives, drawing from his expertise as a graduate from University of Michigan School of Public Health’s Health Behavior and Health Education, Boston University’s School of Social Work and American Psychological Association fellow 
  • Global Health Equity Advisor and Servant Leader, leveraging his career and training at CDC and past WK Kellogg Foundation Health Policy fellow to develop impactful strategies for positive change worldwide, while serving on multiple non-profit boards.
  • Award-Winning Public Speaker, serving as commencement speaker at Michigan’s School of Public Health and recipient of the National Minority Quality Forum's 40 Under 40 Leaders in Health Award, inspires action and contributes to community health and social justice thru captivating and motivational talks.
  • Organizational Psychology Expert, transforms organizational dynamics to foster optimal environments, drawing from his experience as leader of over 25 multidisciplinary, inter- and intra- agency teams working in high stakes situations as well as multiple roles as a cultural humility leader and facilitator.
  • Published Expert in Social Epidemiology, health disparities and equity science at CDC, he informs evidence-based practices to address health disparities, enriching his roles as public health faculty at Mercer University and Morehouse College.
  • Public Health Crisis Leader with accommodated efforts in global and domestic health, including his contributions during the West Africa Ebola and COVID outbreak, showcase his leadership in crisis management and public health emergency response.
  • Community Engagement Consultant with over 20 years of community-based public health experience, Dr. Njai collaborates with stakeholders to drive sustainable health outcomes, furthering his commitment to youth empowerment and social justice.

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