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We (Zoe & Ali) help amplify finances, master mindfulness practices, provide strategies to improve and maintain your physical and mental health and cheat codes on wellness and stress management for business leaders, so that you and your workforce can strive to be holistically well while growing your multi-million dollar businesses.

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Partner with us to propel your business's financial success and cultivate a resilient, well-balanced workforce. Zoe & Ali bring you a holistic approach to prosperity, offering strategies for financial growth, mental and physical health improvement, and stress management tailored to the unique needs of business leaders. Let's navigate the path to holistic wellness and business excellence together.

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We are Dr. Roshawnna Novellus and Dr. Rashid Njai, a dynamic duo combining cutting-edge expertise in technology, marketing, psychology, and leadership. As champions of economic empowerment, we're devoted to propelling individuals and businesses towards abundance and growth.

With my (Dr. Novellus) background in business and computer engineering, coupled with over a decade of experience as a CMO driving growth in various companies, and Dr. Njai's insights from his Ph.D. in community health psychology and Master's in Social Work, renowned for his strategic prowess in team building, leadership, and data-driven impact assessment within the government sector, we bring a unique blend of skills and perspectives to the table.

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level and transform your business culture? At our personalized leadership and cultural transformation services, we're passionate about helping you unleash your full potential.

Say goodbye to stagnant growth and hello to a thriving business environment. Our approach combines mindset development with organizational psychology to create lasting change. With tailored strategies and expert guidance, we'll help you overcome challenges and become the leader your team deserves.

Join us on this journey toward sustainable growth. Schedule a consultation today and let's start building a brighter future together. Together, we'll navigate the path to success, one step at a time.

About Dr. Njai

Dr. Rashid Njai, a scholar-activist with a deep-rooted expertise in applied social epidemiology, organizational psychology, and public health sciences, is the Deputy Associate Director for Strategic Science at the leading public health agency in the US. Along with holding a PhD, MPH from the University of Michigan and an MSW from Boston University, he has over 20 years of experience in community-based health psychology, specializing in the epidemiology of health disparities and the structural drivers of health. A recipient of the US Public Health Service Commendation Medal and a recognized leader in his field, Dr. Njai co-founded UPHOLD to enhance non-profit impact and support community empowerment. He has served as an adjunct faculty member at Morehouse College for over a decade and is passionately committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in public health, helping individuals and organizations develop wellness plans and health strategies that align with their culture change goals.

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About Dr. Roshawnna Novellus

Dr. Roshawnna Novellus is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and author dedicated to empowering underrepresented groups. As the founder of EnrichHER, a financial technology platform supporting women-led businesses, she has made a significant impact in fostering diversity and inclusion in finance. With a background in technology and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering, Dr. Novellus combines her expertise in AI and applied research with her passion for empowering others. She authored the book "Budgeting is More Liberation than Limitation" and is a sought-after speaker, recognized for her impactful work. She combines her passion for wellness and strategy to help others execute their dreams.

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