Holistically Boost Your Bottom Line

Expert Revenue Audits for Busy Business Owners

Count on us to do the math.

Bridging mission, mindset, and quantifiable measures to co-create organizational culture for enhanced revenue growth.


Comprehensive Revenue Enhancement Framework

We ensure that all revenue-generating functions work cohesively, from sales to customer service, optimizing every aspect for maximum revenue growth, so that your business operates as a synchronized revenue-generating machine.



Unlock untapped profit potential so that you can seize new growth opportunities and take your business to unprecedented levels of success.



Streamline your operations, maximize efficiency, and supercharge your profitability so that you can focus on what you do best while watching your revenue soar.

Increase Conversions

Harness the power of data-driven strategies to transform prospects into loyal customers, driving a surge in revenue so that you can witness rapid business expansion.

Gain Customers

Fuel your expansion by connecting with your ideal audience, utilizing tailored approaches that not only attract but retain customers, propelling your revenue forward so that you achieve sustainable growth.

Strategic Alignment

Aligning all departments towards revenue goals fosters efficient collaboration, enhancing the company's overall revenue-generating capabilities.

Data-Driven Insights

Leveraging data for informed decision-making is a significant advantage, allowing the company to implement strategies that directly impact revenue.

Co-Create Culture

Cultivate a diverse and inclusive work environment that leverages a range of perspectives, so that you can drive innovative solutions and tap into new markets, fueling revenue growth.



Prioritize authentic, empathetic communication that fosters a sense of belonging and engagement among team members, so that you can boost collaboration, creativity, and overall productivity, directly impacting revenue growth.

Your Tangible Gains

We provide various touch points to integrate the information gleaned from the audit so that you can enhance your business strategies with data-driven precision.

Strategic Planning

Receive a tailored roadmap to navigate your business towards optimized revenue streams and sustained growth, so that you can confidently execute strategies that maximize your earnings.

Executive Coaching

Benefit from strategic leadership support to fine-tune your revenue-focused decisions and leadership approach, so that you can lead your team towards unparalleled financial success.

Periodic Check-ins

Benefit from regular performance evaluations and data-driven insights to fine-tune your revenue optimization strategies, so that you can make agile adjustments for continuous financial advancement.

Team Building

Foster a cohesive and revenue-focused team environment through targeted sessions that align your workforce with your revenue objectives, so that you can collectively drive profitability to new heights.

Meet Our Team

We.ZoeAndAli, are guided by the expertise of Drs. Roshawnna Novells and Rashid Njai. Dr. Novells holds a Ph.D. in computer engineering and finance and boasts an extensive track record of driving growth for countless small business owners, garnering features in renowned publications such as Bloomberg, Fortune, Black Enterprise, and Business Insider. Meanwhile, Dr. Njai holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, along with a master's in social work, and has earned accolades for his adeptness in team building, leadership, and strategic acumen within the government sector. Together, Dr. Novellus and Dr. Njai synergize their exceptional talents to empower your success.Meet the financial experts below!

Dr. Roshawnna Novellus

Business Growth | Analytics | Marketing | Technology

Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, a Ph.D. in computer engineering and finance, blends education and finance expertise to ignite business growth. Featured in Bloomberg, Fortune, and more, she's guided hundreds of entrepreneurs with strategic insights. Passionate about demystifying finance, she empowers informed decisions for tangible results. With a background spanning technology, finance, and entrepreneurship, Dr. Novellus bridges domains to unlock growth potential. As a thought leader, she's dedicated to equipping businesses with tools for conquering challenges and seizing opportunities in today's dynamic landscape.

Dr. Rashid Njai

Strategy | Culture | Organizational Psychology

Dr. Rashid Njai is a dedicated scholar-activist with a comprehensive skill set rooted in applied social epidemiology, organizational psychology, and public health sciences. With a holistic perspective, he excels in improving workforce dynamics and fostering shared identities that align with company missions. Dr. Njai's accomplishments include co-creating a dynamic ecosystem to enhance non-profit impact assessment through UPHOLD, a venture he founded to support community wellness and amplify the impact of community serving organizations. He holds a PhD and MPH from the University of Michigan School of Public Health, complemented by an MSW from Boston University's School of Social Work, Clinical Track.

With over 20 years of community-based public health experience, Dr. Njai is a seasoned professional in overseeing complex projects, conducting scientific studies, and building strategic partnerships. His commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is evident in his excellence as a thought leader and advisor. Among his accolades are being named the Commencement Speaker at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health, receiving the National Minority Quality Forum's 40 Under 40 Leaders in Health Award, and earning recognition for his contributions to emergency response efforts during the West Africa Ebola outbreak. Dr. Njai's expertise extends to diverse roles, including his role as an adjunct faculty member at Morehouse College and serves on many nonprofit boards related to social justice and health equity..